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We have designed a technical method adept for traders of all skill levels, guaranteed to short cut your learning and allow you to identify high probability low risk trade opportunities. This model serves as your edge over the marketplace, as we have put it through intensive testing in various market conditions to ensure consistency and stability.


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Technical Methodology



  • An Introduction into Institutional Trading
  • A 15+ Page PDF Tutorial On How To Employ the model
  • how to refine the model to your unique psychological profile
  • how to backtest the model to further train your eye
  • free trading psychology Document

Your Success is Our Goal

We understand that over 90% of traders lose while trading in the foreign exchange market for one large reason, they fail to follow a rule based approach and allow their emotions to drive their decision making process, ultimately setting them up for failure. What we are doing here is supplying you with a tested trading method and rules to follow, so you can gain a better understanding of exactly how to operate in the markets effectively, and start your journey to consistent trading. Just as a society with no rules is bound for failure, the same goes for a trader.

How our approach works

Our unique methodology is cultivated from years of trial and error, and has gone through numerous refinements in order to operate at peak efficiency. As we understand large funds generally control the foreign exchange market flows, we have developed our model to replicate
the way these institutions enter the marketplace. This allows us to trade in direction with the bank flows, which are in effect controlling overall market movement.


Specifications of our methodology

Our approach is a technical model, which means it is employed on price charts using technical analysis.

Our model has been heavily tested amongst various asset classes, but stands strongest in the foreign exchange market.

Whether you’re a long term trader, swing trader, short term trader, or scalper, our model can be utilized for every discipline and we show exactly how in the PDF tutorial which is provided upon your purchase.

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